Wide open bass drum


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Aug 6, 2008
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I think some folks may be mis-reading what you are doing with this bass drum - as so often "wide open" means two heads, no holes, no muffling. Exactly the opposite from what I think I'm seeing in this picture - gigantic port (almost making the drum single headed) and some kind of pillow (an hourglass type?) with a pinstripe, PS3, or what? batter.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if it sounded great!

Oh and I'm with you on the SK1's and SK2's - totally worthless for me. Every time they've shown up on a backline/rental kit, I've had to literally pull the muffling off of them in order to restore some upper mids for FOH to work with.

Yeah, I misunderstood the topic altogether .

OK, so if I use a single headed bass drum , I remove everything that might inhibit the mouth of the shell - head , hoops t's ,claws, the works . I've found a ported front gives the drum a ' pookie ' feel . For some reason the Aquarian factory ported reso head is pretty good on bigger sizes like 24 's .

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