WTD: Ludwig 3-ply 14x24 & 16x18 orphans - for resto, shells or complete


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Jun 11, 2008
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Los Angeles
Hi all,

I'm looking to add a 14x24 & 16x18 to one of my Luddy kits. Open to WFL/Luddy KB era or B/O era, complete drums preferred, but shells-only also an option. 3-ply only. I could go a few different routes w/this project, but I'm trying to do it at the lowest possible cost (aren't we all?).

Most likely scenario is re-wrapping a couple of orphan players to match my original '66 Blue Sparkle kit. Would prefer these players to be complete w/all hardware so I'd only need to wrap them, but I'm also open to picking up just shells & finding parts myself. In this scenario, the anal part of me would probably prefer they were also mahogany interiors w/the white ceiling paint... 'scuse me... "Resa-Cote," but I'm not too hung up on that. I'm also not ruling out the option of buying original KB Blue Sparkles that require no work, but I know this will cost considerably more & I most likely won't have that kind of budget.

Or, I could take the 18 & 24 and wrap them in a completely different finish along w/one of my other already re-wrapped/mutt kits, and perhaps sell that kit's 22 (or the shell only if I use its hardware for the "new" 24). But more drums wrapped = more $, obviously. In this scenario, I'd probably prefer the 18 & 24 were of the clear laquered maple interior variety like said mutt-kit, or even Granitone, but again, not too hung up on it.

It all just depends what I find in 18 & 24, and at what cost. I'm not in a rush, just started hunting & putting feelers out there. And what better place to cop a feel than DFO, right?

ps; even kicking around the idea of 10x14, but that's at the bottom of the list.