Yamaha EAD10

Mr OMalley

Mar 29, 2019
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I have been thinking to combine the two.
Interestingly at the weekend my band played a gig, the first at which I have tried out the EAD10 properly. The venue was a civic centre so there were approx 300 people in for it. My band was supporting the headliner. the stage area was pretty big, with in house PA. I got talking to the headliner guys (a Zep tribute). His mic set up was modelled on the Glyn Johns set up. Sounded nice.
Anyway, I was connected from the module into a QSC k8.2 2kw powered speaker which was then routed into the in-house PA. [ I didnt know what arrangements would be in place and at most of our venues we have no idea]. So i recently invested in my own PA, solely for the drums. It's plenty powerful enough. I set it as far away from the sensor unit (in this case about 6 feet away). My settings were +3 on the mic sensor, 100 on the trigger. Set the master volume to about the 11am position and set the QSC to about 1pm. We had literally a couple of minutes to set it up with practically no time for soundcheck and I couldnt get anyone to test the drums for me but using this method I didnt get any feedback. At first when the mic was set right up there at about 20 I was getting feedback at the 9 oclock positiion but using the settings that I went with I go very good ambient projection. I listened to some of the footage and its all nicely balanced. I thought that I might to insert a separate mic into the kick drum but there was no time and in the event it wasnt necessary.
What I dont know the answer to is whether it would be actually better to mic up the powered speaker and connect that to the main PA, in that way replicating the effects set up on the powered speaker since on the night the sound guy justconnected into the mixer with my xlr cable.
so, finally I have stumbled across a system that appears to wor pretty well. I also use all of the 3 trigger inputs for percussion effects at with the trigger setting at 100 this more than adequately projected through the PA.
I'm not sure whether adding the Sabian sound kit will add anything material and often there is simply no time to have the luxury of setting up a lot of sound equipment after the kit has been set up etc. time just seems to fly by.
But ive spent a lot of time fiddling around and trying out things so I hope this is useful for others...