Yamaha orphan drum assortment


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Dec 21, 2010
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Putting up the following drums for sale; prices are plus shipping (from California): PayPal preferred.

* Yamaha Oak Custom, NSD 085A - Black, 14" x 5", ten lug, Puresound Snares. Very good condition, lightly used Evans heads (coated G2 batter, Hazy 300 snare) $240.00

* Yamaha Recording Custom 8"x 8" tom TT 908RA Stage White (pink badge). No gouges or dings, some rash on shell, one badge and one lug, otherwise good condition, Heads are for protecting bearing edges only. $300.00

* Shell only - Yamaha Rock Tour Custom, 12" x 10", black sparkle. A few small nicks in the finish, otherwise very good condition. $60.00

For the electronic guys: Yamaha DTXtreme, natural finish wood shell, 12" bass with connecting cord; KP HN1793. Custom built stand with Tama drum riser/pedal attachment, stock support legs.

Will post pix later. Also have a couple of misc. items for sale - 12" Precession Rims mount and vintage Ludwig snare stand. Will be posted in "other times for sale".

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