Yamaha PHX owners: Tell me about your drums?


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Oct 3, 2020
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Any friction will help, but I'm still dubious about their purpose. I haven't mucked around with mine yet, so when I do I'll see first hand. Happy to be proven wrong!

My Bordin and Jimbo both have those nyloc nuts, but the Bordin has much more resistance. Once the tension rod hits the nylon insert, you can forget about finger tightening them. They are the exact same part, so I dont know why they're dramatically different.

Don't know if you've all seen this already, but here's a tour of Yamaha Music Craft's (PHX) drum department:

Can anyone tell me what this thing is for?

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Jun 24, 2018
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Northwest NJ
These are stunning! Congratulations on the beautiful kit.

My first real kit was a mid-80's Tour Custom in cobalt blue. I couldn't play (and still can't) play like Anton, but it felt great to know I was travelling in his pack sound and gear wise. They didn't make me a better player, but as a 16 year old kid who bought them with his own money squirreled away from a part time gig, they meant the world to me.

I'll always have a soft spot for Yamaha. And they deserve it. Their gear is top tier, always has been.

I'm starting to think a PHX kit is my Moby Dick kit.

Congrats again, Musiqman. Those are an awesome holiday gift!!!