Yamaha vintage mirror chrome 1980 drum set 9000 series concert tom, 7000 series bass drum and 16 & 18" floor toms.


Jan 19, 2020
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Yamaha Chrome mirror finish drum set in excellent condition. I purchased drums new from Manny's in NY city in 1980. Played them for a year or two and then they have been in basement for about 38 years. I still have some of the old Manny's pin striped heads that I removed and replaced just recently with new Evans heads.

9000 series concert toms with 9000 series stands, 10, 12, 13, 14 and 15. It has a 24X14 Base that is 7000 series and 16" & 18" floor toms are 7000 series.

Toms look like Birch and Mahogany and bass and floor tom are Mohagany and Camillia I believe. Those are woods used based on their 1978 and 1980 catalogues.

All drums were purchased at same time, but at time they did not have matching base drum and floor toms in 9000 series so I got the 7000 series to match rest of kit. Set comes with all 9000 series stands to mount all toms on.

The top clips broke on one of the stands the concert toms mounts to so I just recently put rims mounts on 14" & 15" toms and put on Gibralta triple mount on the 9000 series base. Just spent $600 for all new heads and rims mounts and hardware and then decided to sell kit.

Asking $1600 or best offer.

I also have 9000 series cymbal stands, 9000 series high hat and a few Manny's cymbals that can be purchased separately if interested.

These are local pickup only in SE Connecticut.


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