Yes, Brushes.. I would recommend cranking the volume just a bit. Carter McLean..

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Mar 5, 2017
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Very interesting.... No one is a bigger CM fan than myself (no, seriously, no one here is actually larger than me) but I am honestly disappointed in this version. While it's good, I much prefer the orgional he posted a few years ago.

Carter has recently started deleting videos off his You Tube channel (for example everything that had Zildjian cymbals for except for only one example I could I find) and the orgional version of this Christmas play along is one he dropped. I dont know him and I have no idea why he started cleaning up his channel, I assume to keep his new product endorsements clean and seemless and happy, but I just thought the first one was more spontaneous and musical.

But thanks for the new vid link, as you continue to be the resident DFO librarian! I love the cool stuff you find and share with us!