Your Drum Room

Dave in VA

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Feb 5, 2009
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Winchester, Virginia
Hello.....My attic.....I'm old & live in the past....


Trey Gray

Feb 20, 2007
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South Bend, IN
Dave, if you ever want to get rid of that furniture, the rugs and that Zildjian calendar give me a call!!!! Niiice!!!!!


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Aug 7, 2005
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Jeannette, Pa.
It's not a room it's a garage so that I'm close to the car (to gig) and close to nature.

I don't like being 'in' the house years ago had drums deep in the basement. Grew from that to being closer to the Nomad at a Moments Notice position.

Not a Living room drummer.

Not a Dining Room drummer.

Ready to hit the road at drop of hat.
Plus I get to play for the Trees and the Birds and the lawn and the Sky... when the weather's fine.
Don't wanna be stuck with drums in the House.
To me like being in a casket.

I don't always have two sets set up. The little ones were just going to a gig that week and I had them set up to prep.

The 20 X 14 and 8 X 12 in Red Wine Pearl that match the Floor tom at the little set are in bags against the wall.
Another 6 snares sit on boxes for a total of 8. Some 30-35 cymbals on a rack and on the beside and behind the gunmetals. ... 3 sets total 16" 18" 20" basses. That's it. Fort Pitt.

I like technically being "near the outside "- drumming- even when I'm "in" the house.

That may change someday (have to move) and then I may set up right in front of the television
right off the dining room table ............ha
doubt that . Yea never..

Or may have nowhere to set drums up. That could happen.
None of the life sheeet is set in stone.
Altho this place has so far lasted me 50 years.

It's the old K Garage & Lounge.
drums. lawnmower and a chaise lounge.
Playing Drums are such a primal thing I like to be as close to nature and the sky as possible.

indeed. Right behind them two white doors.
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