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Nov 26, 2014
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A relatively small space of 9' x 7'. I have a Gretsch USA 20/12/14 Antique Maple kit in there. Snare is 5x 14 Luddy Supra Hammered Bronze. Cymbals are Paiste Sound Formula 20" Flat Ride, 17" Full Crash and 13" Medium Heavy Hats. Percussive Rack is: Meinl Wind Gong, Meinl Singing Bowls, Meinl Waterfall, Treeworks Chimes, Sabian Radia Bell, Tibetan Yak Bells, India Clam Ankle Bells, Meinl Shaker. Sticks are Meinl: 5B Hybrid, 5B Standard Long and 2B Heavy. Sonor felt mallets, Emil Richards Gong rubbing mallets, Ludwig Tenor tom marching mallets, Regal Tip Thigpen brushes and Regal Tip nylon brushes. I'm using Tackle Cymbal and Stick bags at the moment and cases are still with Humes & Berg Tuxedo series.I am using the Ahead Spinal throne on the set and a Gibraltar Softee throne on my pad stand. I general use an Offworld Black Dark Matter pad but also switch around to a blue Cappella Gum Rubber, Prologix Red Storm and a 25 year old RTOM space
rubber - not Moongel - pad. When RTOM was bought that was the end of this pad, but I love it.



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Sep 1, 2019
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I have a little corner in the basement. My wife does her pottery on the other side. My son has his dinosaur lab near my kit.


I just recently switched to righty open-handed. Since the pandemic, I've been doing online lessons with my drum teacher. He's an old friend of mine from junior high.


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Jun 9, 2006
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Digging up this thread because:
Since it's been holidays, the boys have moved out permanently some time ago (so no more mess in the house or need for the youngers' drums to be set up too) , I'm turning 50 in a few days and had gotten tired of my room being the least cared for in the house - I decided to do something against it. One week ago all the walls were still covered with drums and music stuff and I just didn't feel comfortable in there any more. Especially since the rest of the house starts to look more and more like a "well cleaned retired couples home" :)
I've permanently set up one drumset in my friends' studio, loaned one to an ex student, stored some pa stuff in our rehearsal room .... and put some more things around the house, trying to hide them from my wife's eyes. Even bought some new furniture and am overjoyed with the result. So here's my new peronal "music paradise"

View from behind the drums


Of course there's still too much stuff in there - but it's (kind of) hidden in the corners.