Your Thoughts on Singer-Guitarist-Drummer Bexley???

Vistalite Black

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Feb 17, 2015
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North Carolina
I discovered Bexley after seeing her video for Run Rabbit Run while at the gym.

Now, the mysterious one-named muso is displaying the ability to drum on her second single, Sometimes.

Not sure if she's the next Liz Phair or another Avril Lavigne, but she has a certain something, don't you think?



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May 28, 2017
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Seems like a novelty in a way. IMO a lot of the "youtube" musicians that are doing everything themselves without a band I find uninteresting. Why not take that talent and collaborate and make something really special. There are a whole new generation of youtube drummers both male/female that have full sponsorship, clinic tours, and big egos. The things they don't have are hit songs, a band, live playing experience to back it up. I recently saw a clinic video of one of these youtube drummers giving a clinic speech talking about making it big, and how to do it, don't give up etc... One problem there... What the hell have they done besides get youtube views that number enough to get manufacturers attention, in turn leading to clinics. And its not that they are getting attention because they are monster players, or even great players. Usually its their style, appearance, or gender.

All style little substance. A lot of "LOOK AT ME" is what I am seeing. But who the hell I am anyway LOL!
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