Zickos Supersonic Restoration


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Feb 9, 2013
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Rare Zickos Supersonic fiberglass prototype set that I finished work on recently. According to experts there are around 7-10 of these kits known to exist. Though I'm skeptical of that number, I see it written everywhere...

These drums were originally white gloss but had been hand painted and I stripped and then refinished them in malachite blue. They also had no bearing edges at all, totally flat, so I sanded round-over contours onto all the edges by hand. And I patched some small holes where a previous owner had moved the kick spur brackets.

Complete and all original except for the tom arms, which are modern. All chrome is in decent shape, and in taking these apart I was very impressed with the quality of the metal they used for the lugs, brackets, etc. Really thick, burly stuff. Everything works, nothing stripped. These tension rods are hard to find, they're non-standard and they're all here and matching.

Drums sound great, and very unique, but not my style of vintage kit. They're large so they tune down well for loud rock playing. The toms sound basically like steel or acrylic shells to me, while the kick has a unique "tubey" tone with a nice low fundamental. Punchy, though there's no hole in the front head.

Hear them here:

IMG_1875 copy.jpg

IMG_1884 copy.jpg
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Mar 7, 2013
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Stunning restoration! You're lucky to have found those - sure wish I had some! They sound excellent with a distinctively unique character. By the way, traditional Sonor tension rods with slot heads share the same threading as the tension rods used by Zickos. And as well there are some vintage MIJ drums which used square head rods with the identical threading, which is 1/4-20". The quality of design, materials and workmanship seen in those vintage Zickos kits is nowhere to be found today.