Zildjian 16" A sizzle, Nice for a bottom hat or left side ride maybe


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Aug 5, 2005
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Edit: Going to keep the K leaving the video's up in case anyone is interested in the sizzle to match up with a 16" top or use as a sizzle left side ride or what ever..... $100 shipped lower 48

Bottom "hat" is a 16" 60's (as far as I can tell) A sizzle. It is heavier than the top, has a little bit of a keyhole and dinged on the bell, still sits flush on a hi hat cup and doesn't seem to effect the sound from what I can tell.

No other edge dings or cracks.

Some pictures here and then a couple of videos using smart phone. On the one video I set them up as hats then set up my 14" K top with A quick beat bottom to show a comparison, the 14"s are not for sale.

Videos: I haven't had time to edit them so you'll have to forward through me walking around the kit to sit down :)

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