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Hey Joe, hope all is well with you. I have a question for ya. Do you remember Will and Blueprint from the old Cymbalhaolics? Will had a natural maple Ludwig kit and was always talking abot his Legacy ride and 12"hats. Blueprint had a natural maple Gretsch set. Both were bop kits. Just wondering if they are here and what are their names. Rock
little rock
I went to facebook and man-o-man is he ever!!! On the verge of being radical. I'll let that sleeping dog lie. Take care my friend and stay in touch.
Hey crazy man. I have a lead on the Yamaha MCAs and if everything pans out I should have them sold by this time next week.

Do you still want to make a deal? BTW, I'm good friends with an acquaintance. Tom Janes....Skinsman, on here I believe. He rates you very highly.
Has anyone played on the Remo Ambassador coated X-series heads yet? I’m trying to get feedback on how they sound?