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Hello. Based on the return address on the box I received a couple of days ago, I think I'm the one that bought your 12" Slingy blue agate tom. I am interested in the 20" you have. Please let me know what you would like for the drum. Thanks - Bill
I have an entire 5 in (approx. depth) Imperial Star snare I can sell - but no hoops. 10 lug. It has the parallel strainer. Missing one of the knobs IIRC. All the lugs are there, rods, etc. Good condition. Yours for 95 shipped to NY. Let me know if you want to see pics. Black badge - yes the cool/thick lugs that look like Rogers.
John in Mich.
@drummerjohn333 thanks for offer John but I'm only interested in finding a modern 14x6.5 black beauty or Keystone badge Supraphonic LM402