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I'll take the 4 drums only for $1500.00 shipped. Deal?
Thanks, Dave
That should work. Let me get some actual figures, and I'll get back. Give me a day. I want to be sure of the total weight of the drums. post office has a 70 lb. limit on a shipment. I have someone else inquiring, but not to worry you are
number 1 on the list. You have Paypal?
No problem, yes I have PP
Dave, give me a call when you get a chance. 856-692-1746. My land line. If I'm not here, leave a message. Bud.
Hi Frank, I've a 63 Sonor Teardrop D-471 in Black Galaxy Sparkle , Looking at the strainer adjustment thumb screw on the bottom is a small hex nut, above that is some type of orange rubber tubing, The snare strainer is missing that tubing and has some play in it, Do you know of anything i can use to replace that. Thanks, Kevin.
Frank Godiva
Frank Godiva
Never heard of the tubing. Mine are all just tied on.
Hi Frank, So there should be some play in the bottom of the strainer.
Frank Godiva
Frank Godiva
Yes, you can tighten it from both ends. You can twist the throw off lever a little bit which twists the string in the black strainer. The butt end should be the best way to tighten.

check out the pics in the snare section

Hey Rhythm block,

I may be interested in at least one of your 12" Gretsch Die Cast Hoops. They are both from the 60's correct?

Can you send pictures either through here or to my cell?

Jack 703-867-9186 cell