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You're never too old. I'm 72 and play 3 x big bands, a brass band and concert wind band, not to mention a function band that gigs regularly, oh! And teaching. I often wear a T-shirt that states: ‘Never underestimate an old man on a drum kit’. That’s us! The kids would not be playing if we hadn’t laid it down in our time.
I have a 22 13 14 16 16 Pearl FG kit you're welcome to checkout if you're ever in Ottawa ... white wrap 9.5 / 10 factory complete condition .

Tom 1 613 829 1079 ( land line )
I have asked this before but I'll try again. I am looking for an 18" Yamaha stage custom advantage nouveau floor tom. Ideally if someone had a set with a 24" bass drum and a 13" rack I'd love to buy it from you. I know this is a long shot but I have been looking for this floor tom for a couple of years now. Thanks for your time