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how goes it, mark? how are your yamaha hybrids treating you? the more i listen to them, the more i like them. those yamaha die-cast hoops are second to none. do you miss the gretsch on that yamaha bop kit? man, when i listen to dana hall on any of the terrel stafford recordings, i really want some of those yamaha drums. i just love how they sound medium/medium low.

hope you're well,
what are there details of the George way rosewood snare?
14 x 7 4 ply+4 ply rerings. Rosewood.
8 lug.
gibraltar real light weight throw and adjustable butt.
Hi there, I’m looking for someone with experience of the Zildjian Hi-hats.
Can anyone tell me the difference between the “A Custom Mastersound 14” hats” and the “A series Mastersound 14” hats”...please?
A Custom Mastersounds are heavier, cut through a mix better, and sound glassier than the A Mastersound series. Simply put, A Customs are better for live loud gigging without mic'ing, As are better for small gigs,or if mic'ing, or recording.
poco rit.
poco rit.
I used to play some 14” A Custom Mastersound hats for years. The A Custom Mastersounds are bright and loud with a solid chick sound. They are brilliant finish with the wavy bottom hat. Thomas Pridgen used a pair of these hats on the album Bedlam in Goliath with Mars Volta.