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There's a troll "mountaindew" starting some ish on the "Ghostnote" thread. This is the exact reason why we love DFO and NOT Ghostnote.
Hi Rick, Hi There, I'm searching for a Slingerland rolling bomber kit. I thought i saw on the internet you own one. Do you have plans selling it? Best Pieter
I saw your post about the Keller shell. I'd love to finish this. project I'm in Brooklyn and can pick it up, if it is still available.
Let me know...
best regards
Thanks for the Ad posting tip. I appreciate it. Happy drumming!
Yes (wasn't just you) I wish everyone would do that! (It helps the seller too!! Good Job thanks) Hope you sell (well no...) I have a 16 and 12 I use with another color floor tom but I love me some Red Glass RB!!
Yes, I learned to play drums by ear. Drumming just came natural to me. Drumming is one those things, in my opinion, either you Have it, or you don't....Like being an athlete.
Hello Dan are those legs the originals? I have a silver sparkle stage band Feb' 66 with straight legs
I do not have a wmp stage band ...but I do have a 70's 20" 12"w/snare in wmp
I could offer 300.00 plus the ship for it sweat either way though Kenwood
Thanks for the offer this drum has been sold. Those are the legs that came with but i think you're right they should be straight. Thx for the offer! I'll take down the post.
2nd vaccine done - ready to put covid behind me!
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I'm only 1 in. We really can't put it behind us until everyone is in step. Sadly they are not. In fact some dips are now selling fake Vaccine cards to fool people into believing they were vaccinated. I'll be real fooled if they get sick & cannot fight the illness effects on their bodies.
Agreed. I came down with it in mid-January. Knocked me down for a month - I’m still having some issues. It was no joke. And neither was the vaccine. It was like being hit by a train, both rounds. So I’m hoping I’m out of the woods now. Stay well!
Thanks Man. I'm gonna take it to my local guy and have him assess it. I know it needs a new drivetrain (currently had a six speed cogset), brakes in the minimum. It might be worth it just to get a another bike ;-). Maybe a full suspension bike.

Thanks again,

I saw your comment on Wednesday......I have a pair of 14" Dream Bliss Hats. The weights are 774 grams and 954 grams...No issues. Let me know if you are interested. I also have a 14" & 16" crash and an 18" Crash/Ride. Thanks, Marc
I am using a set of Dream ignition hats (bought them new as a complete cymbal set) but i dont like the sound of the hats. I also just bought a 18" Bliss paper thin crash which is ok i guess.
No problem my friend.....not familiar with the Ignition series. Anytime just let me knbow.
Ok I will get back to you in a couple of days..Thank you!
Hi Jim,
i would like to buy your Slingerland tone muffler. I live in CT: 06371. what is your paypal?
Did you sell your hex-lugs for Pearl Free Floating?
I might be interested in both the lugs and the maple shell ift the condition is good/mint.
Greetings....I like your snare drum a lot, i am a Sonor player especially vintage. Im in Canada, could you send it the long way on a slow boat? Im in no much is this in US DOLLARS?....THANKS
Hi Bill....sorry to hear you are considering calling it a day, times are not healthy at all. You mentioned you were selling some clear out snare drums and was wondering if you have anything in plain black. Not to fussy about the sheen level, I could supply you with a complete hardware package in black. Are you offering f/g or other types of composite?
thx Bill
I have a mint sabian 20" evolution crash to trade I'm interested in the istanbul atop dark crash or the UFIP 1931?