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interested in your free cymbals...1 or both...i don't want to be a pig about it...either would be fun/fine...where are you...I assume you'll want shipping paid for.
Hi there. I’m in NYC. Sorry I’m just looking for local pick up on these.
Hey JP. Sorry to bother you again. I just saw that you have a 20" 602 2350-grams. This cracks me up. I have one too, exactly 2350. This is my second one I've owned ,the former 2350 as well. Hows that for consistency. The former 20" was amazing. It had more give to the edges and would wobble like crazy. I still kick myself for trading that one. The new one is OK but is stiffer ,doesnt have as much give? How's yours?
Ekim , the 20 is great I would say medium flex perfect for my playing style , classic Rock/Pop genre. Had a Blue label Heavy 2550 that was really nice , should of kept it however the 2350 has a better crash. Used it Sunday for low volume stuff it was absolutely perfect and controllable, clean not to much wash and overtones. As consistent as they are they all seem to have there own characteristics.
hey Frank, are those rosewoods trad sizes, the 13, 14, 16, 22...and what were you thinking price wise...thanks

cheers and blessings, Trey
You posted in this thread yesterday?
In a for sale listing for a Yamaha RC snare
Hiya Rik!! Hey, can I ask you something? You see the rail mount on that bass drum you bought? Could you telll me the spacing of the holes the long way, and the shor way? I'm looking for a particular rail mount from the old days. Thank you!! Retro
I’m sorry, but there is no one here to take your call right now. Please leave a message and I will get back to you shortly.
Hi Polska
I want the
Pearl double-braced boom cymbal stand
. I live in South Eastern CT. 06371 Send me your paypal info and I'll send you $.
hey there,
Nice cymbal...
Looking for anything particular in a trade?
I wasn’t really looking for trades, as I need $$ for another project, but I might consider a Ludwig maple 3 ply project kit.

Thanks for your interest.
HELLO....Would you consider dealing that snare drum by itself?...I have a 70,s COS Oly in VG condition, I could give you and a few bucks?...Its a powerhouse, but I have 2 of them.
Hi. I do have the snare for sale separately, but not looking for trades. If you're interested, please shoot me a PM here. Thanks.
Im in Ontario ok with shipping?
I sent you a PM
Do the hi- hats have any flea bites or key holing?
Ill check and get back to you. I might have a buyer in germany who contacted me first. Ill let you know on both counts asap. They are not home...they are at the school I teach at. Im going in tomorrow and taking pics.
Hi Murat,

I'm curious if that Slingerland Buddy Rich kit in your shop is the one RickP bought at the Chicago Drum Show a year or two ago? I assume it is since he's a regular at your place and there are so few of those kits around. If so, give him my best. I miss his presence on DFO and am curious what he's moving up to in terms of a new kit.

It sure is the same one Doug. I will tell him you said hi !