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Hi Russ,
I wonder if you've ever considered selling your Brady Blackwood snare? I've got a Brady collection and I'd love to try a Blackwood and I remember you posting saying you had one.


Hi drawtheline55,

I noticed you deleted my post. It said that I needed to contact you directly, but I don't really know how. So, I'm sorry that I do it this way, but do you know what I could do? Or perhaps the post is not within the rules? Cheers!

I got your message and put the part in the smallest cardboard box I had and will send it out on Monday. I will send you a tracking number when I get one.

This jive forum won't let me put in more than 42- characters. Send me your email address if you want to hear the whole story!

Sorry about that. Joe


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Titletown Tim
Titletown Tim
Here is my email:

[email protected]

My address-

Tim Pleger
411 W Bay Shore St
Marinette, WI


Thank you!

I was reading some posts on the Asba Caroline pedal, and read you had a ton of parts. You said that you had upgraded your carolines from the ring to the post with the roller on it, do you have any more of those, or maybe one you could part with? Thanks, Greg
Hi John -- How did you get the Regal Tip sticks? I'm a Regal Tip artist in desperate need of 9A Maples and still can't get anyone's response over there.
Bob Saydlowski
Good afternoon. Regarding your USA Custom set, it is unlikely I would be able to get it. However, since I keep looking at I figured I would at least try and find out about shipping/fees so I can at least tell myself I made an effort! What would the associated costs be with shipping to 02330? I live in Massachusetts unfortunately.

Thank you.

Leedy drum ID - I have most of the Leedy drum catalogs (and quite a few early Leedy drums) so shoot me some pics and I'll try to assist: [email protected]
FYI - I am away on business but will return March 25th (I live in the Indianapolis area)
Hey, I wonder if you can provide a photograph or a link to a photo of the hardware that you have.... and if you know if it's compatible with the Slingerland hole pattern? If it is the kind of thing that I'm looking for, I'd buy it from you.

Hi - saw your post from some years ago regarding Premier 24 and 18 - did you buy them or still have them?

I read you have Kentville heads. I recently Put a new Med on my One ply stem bent snare and love it, so much I ordeded a whole set up and down for my kit including 3 extra fines for my 3 matching snares/ Is there any tips you can share as to the care of these babies? I have backed off on the tension nightly on the new head? Is that a good idea?
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Hi someone recommended I get in touch - im looking for a Camco rack tom braket, do you have one or know where I can get one ?

my kit below missing the rack tom mount so using snare stand...

Thanks !


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