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What would you let that Bluebird go for if I picked it up / met you somewhere local? Also, do you play with a local band?


aka F
hey i'd take 260.00 cash for it its a great cymbal but I'm a sabian 33-220-8441
Hey, these rides have always interested me. Would you say it could be used as a main ride in most situations ( rock,funk) hows the bell. There doesn't look to be a crack in the picture to me. I think it would be a hard cymbal to crack being on the heavier side thanks Bob
Oh definitely it would be a great main ride in any louder band context. Check out the soundcloud link, I played all across the surface and the bell, plus crashing. The bell is sharp and clear. If my band was louder I would be using this as my main. Please let me know if you have any other questions!
Are the Ludwig blue oyster Pearl toms available? I am interested in both drums.

Is the 13" playable?

Thank you,
Hi Jack, sorry they sold. I just updated it.
No worries. I have always wanted a Blue Oyster Pearl kit and thought it might be a way to get me started.

Thanks for the note.

Happy drumming!
I wondered if you still have any Corder drum badges. I'm searching for four of them. Thank you.
I may. I’ll check to see how many i have. Right now everything I have is old badges that are still on cut off pieces of wrap
Thank you
Is that the 2000 snare I sold you? I'm Mike in Portland.
Yes! Been a great drum, but all the drums I'm using now are old American drums...the Premier sticks out!
cool ,good luck.
I thought I would check in real quick. Any idea on some 15" six hole hoops yet?
They can be any sort of hoops that you want (die cast, triple flange, whatever.)
All of your drums look fantastic, maybe I'll have to get in line for one.
Just checking.
Thanks, hope all is well!
What do you think of Sabian HHX Complex in comparison with Sabian HHX Legacy Line???
#sabiancymbals #lazzjover
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Hi florian1,
Thanks for your response regarding cymbal bag dividers. I'm very interested! What exactly do you have to sell and what are you asking?


Mark (
If you ever want to sell a few of those drums, please let me know.
I may be interested in the 2002 flat..for shipping, what zip are you located in? I am in 30269, and could calculate my cost
Hi- sounds good, let me know. :) 93307
That article must have snuck past me, PLEASE send me a PDF?
Stan is an unsung hero of modern drumming (and a hell of a songwriter.)
While I have never really wondered about his gear, I am very interested in what he has to say.
Hope all is well!
BIG Thanks!
Mark Griffith