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how goes it, mark? how are your yamaha hybrids treating you? the more i listen to them, the more i like them. those yamaha die-cast hoops are second to none. do you miss the gretsch on that yamaha bop kit? man, when i listen to dana hall on any of the terrel stafford recordings, i really want some of those yamaha drums. i just love how they sound medium/medium low.

hope you're well,
what are there details of the George way rosewood snare?
14 x 7 4 ply+4 ply rerings. Rosewood.
8 lug.
gibraltar real light weight throw and adjustable butt.
Hi there, I’m looking for someone with experience of the Zildjian Hi-hats.
Can anyone tell me the difference between the “A Custom Mastersound 14” hats” and the “A series Mastersound 14” hats”...please?
A Custom Mastersounds are heavier, cut through a mix better, and sound glassier than the A Mastersound series. Simply put, A Customs are better for live loud gigging without mic'ing, As are better for small gigs,or if mic'ing, or recording.
poco rit.
poco rit.
I used to play some 14” A Custom Mastersound hats for years. The A Custom Mastersounds are bright and loud with a solid chick sound. They are brilliant finish with the wavy bottom hat. Thomas Pridgen used a pair of these hats on the album Bedlam in Goliath with Mars Volta.
Hi, I am going to measure the tension rods and get back to you. I really appreciate your willingness to send one to me.


Not a problem... found a bunch in a parts lot, hopefully I've got just what you need. Send along a pic of that insert as well.
Looking at your profile pix. Lacrosse or hockey? (my son played hockey from 5-6 years old till high school)
Hockey. Still playing at my advanced age! And you deserve a medal for being a hockey dad!
The game and some of the really good coaches that my son had turned him from kind of a shy kid into a self assured young man. Forever grateful for that. Some priceless moments, especially when they were mites. Weekend road trips, etc. He still has friends from those days.
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hi, i saw that you have the yamaha logo in pdf and psd, could you send it to me? I am restoring my old battery and it would make me very happy to have it, great thanks

Regards Abel
Your 66 Ludwig Snare looks great! Would you consider selling for $325 shipped to CT 06371?
Hello Rick,
I see you're in the Atlanta area. What's the name of your group and do you gig regularly if I wanted to catch you sometime?
Thanks, Steve in Gainesville.
Olympia huh? My wife and I have a weekend place right before the Steamboat Island bridge if you know where that is.
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Cool. Are you in the area or just come out for vacation?
We mostly are here on weekends but sometimes during the week when the weather is nice so we can kayak and jet ski. It’s a pretty short trip from our home in Renton.
Soo..My SLP kit is in place and so far: I changed the 14 and 16 floor toms to the Evans G2 coated and the 16 is round, warm and thunderous. The 14 needs some tweaking but that is nothing..I left the G1's on the 10 and 12 and both are warm especially the 12. Birthday tomorrow and more tweaking! Ohh kick drum is nice solid punch.
Hello, I am in Rochester and would love to get your cymbal. Would you give me a better price if I drove to pick it up?
Hello, this is a very confusing message I just received. I can't tell if it is current or from a year ago. The pictures. text are so tiny, even with a magnifying glass i can't read them. Are these messages to me...? from me ??...what exactly is your question?? Thanks, musicman57
As offered in the thread, I have an Agop Vezir 20" avaiable and now posted: I'm not far away -- Ithaca, NY -- but you'd have to pay the additional shipping charge to get this across the boarder. Try Soul Drums in Toronto!
Recommend Soul Drums! great guys! Whenever I visit Toronto I always stop in.
Question re Sonor drums. Which model is Wesley Anderson (US [Army] Jazz Ambassadors) using? Youtube videos show a whitearine pearl Sonor kit with a (shiny gold?) round badge. He's using wooden hoops on his matching WMP Sonor snare. See e.g. Sweet Georgia Brown with Chad L-Brown playing along remotely. I purchased an AQ2 kit and like the sound of his. I want to upgrade the snare.
Hi you have your Definitive kit advertised by any chance?
It is on Kijiji and my facebook page.